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Who is on the ballot in the next election? How to register to vote? ...and more

Voter ID Law Struck Down but there is an exception

The Voter ID Law was struck down in January, 2014.

However, when you vote for the first time at a poll, government-issued photo identification is required.

Election Calendar

New election dates will be added as they are scheduled.

Who is on the ballot?

Check out VOTE411 at <>.

For a list of candidates visit the Montgomery County PA Voters Services website at <>. At the home page, write in Sample Ballot and the election (primary or general) and the year.

For more information about the candidates, contact your political party (contact numbers below).

Find Judicial Elections Confusing?

Deciding who to vote for in judicial elections can be confusing.

Find information about the PA judicial candidates at <>.

Visit the Pennsylvania Bar Association website at Pennsylvania Bar Association <> to find out which candidates are recommended and which are not.

Voter Information

Montgomery County Voter Services 610-278-3280
Find your polling place and other voter information

Montgomery County Election Board 610-278-3275

Democratic Committee of LM and N 610-649-7200

Republican Committee of LM and N 610-642-4407

Voter Registration

You may register when obtaining or renewing a Pennsylvania driver's license, or obtain a mail-in registration form from auto license bureaus, PennDot, libraries, public schools, state liquor stores, or the County Board of Elections.

You can register online at <>. You will need identification. Directions are clearly given on the site.

Voting in the Primary

In Pennsylvania to vote in the primary, you must register with a political party. If you do not designate a political party, you may only vote on the ballot questions.

You may change parties anytime except the month preceding the primary and the week following the primary and the month following the general election.

Absentee Ballots

If you are registered to vote but are unable to get to your polling place on election day, you may vote by absentee ballot. To apply for an absentee ballot, call Montgomery County Voter Services, 610-278-3280, or obtain an absentee ballot from your party committee person. Ballots may be obtained up to one week before the election and must be received by the County by 5 PM the Friday before the election.

You can obtain an absentee ballot application online at <>. You will need identification. Clear directions are given on the site.

Chronically ill or disabled persons may apply to Voter Services to be put on the permanently disabled voters list and an absentee ballot application will then be automatically sent to you for each election.