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League Events and Activities

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League Events and Activities


Registering voters
One of the League's main activities is to register voters. We do this in a variety of settings with different groups.

Candidate Forums
The League sponsors Candidate Forums for local government and school board. Local elections are held every other year.

Meetings on Hot Topics
From time to time the League holds meetings featuring expert speakers on topics of current public interest such as redistricting and voting machine security.

MEETINGS FOR LEAGUE MEMBERS AND THEIR GUESTS In addition to meetings for the public the League holds meetings for members and their guests throughout the year.

Legislative Interviews
The League hosts an annual meeting with State Representatives to talk about current legislative initiatives.

Coffee and Conversation
The League holds informal get-togethers to discuss subjects of community interest. Topics range from Everything You Wanted to Know about Poll Workers to Should we Abolish the Electoral College? to What is the Difference Between a Township of the First Class and a Borough? These informative meetings provide information and often form the basis for League action.

For more information about the League, see the page ABOUT LWV.